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Tenancy Assignment


A tenant represents a discrete grouping of resources used for administrative purposes. Typically, tenants are used to represent individual customers or internal departments within an organization. The following objects can be assigned to tenants:

  • Sites

  • Racks

  • Rack reservations

  • Devices

  • VRFs

  • Prefixes

  • IP addresses

  • VLANs

  • Circuits

  • Clusters

  • Virtual machines

Tenant assignment is used to signify the ownership of an object in NetBox. As such, each object may only be owned by a single tenant. For example, if you have a firewall dedicated to a particular customer, you would assign it to the tenant which represents that customer. However, if the firewall serves multiple customers, it doesn't belong to any particular customer, so tenant assignment would not be appropriate.

Tenant Groups

Tenants can be organized by custom groups. For instance, you might create one group called "Customers" and one called "Departments." The assignment of a tenant to a group is optional.

Tenant groups may be nested recursively to achieve a multi-level hierarchy. For example, you might have a group called "Customers" containing subgroups of individual tenants grouped by product or account team.