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NetBox Configuration

NetBox's local configuration is stored in $INSTALL_ROOT/netbox/netbox/ An example configuration is provided as You may copy or rename the example configuration and make changes as appropriate. NetBox will not run without a configuration file. While NetBox has many configuration settings, only a few of them must be defined at the time of installation: these are defined under "required settings" below.

Some configuration parameters may alternatively be defined either in or within the administrative section of the user interface. Settings which are "hard-coded" in the configuration file take precedence over those defined via the UI.

Configuration Parameters

Changing the Configuration

The configuration file may be modified at any time. However, the WSGI service (e.g. Gunicorn) must be restarted before the changes will take effect:

$ sudo systemctl restart netbox

Configuration parameters which are set via the admin UI (those listed under "dynamic settings") take effect immediately.