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Tags are user-defined labels which can be applied to a variety of objects within NetBox. They can be used to establish dimensions of organization beyond the relationships built into NetBox. For example, you might create a tag to identify a particular ownership or condition across several types of objects.

Each tag has a label, color, and a URL-friendly slug. For example, the slug for a tag named "Dunder Mifflin, Inc." would be dunder-mifflin-inc. The slug is generated automatically and makes tags easier to work with as URL parameters. Each tag can also be assigned a description indicating its purpose.

Objects can be filtered by the tags they have applied. For example, the following API request will retrieve all devices tagged as "monitored":

GET /api/dcim/devices/?tag=monitored

The tag filter can be specified multiple times to match only objects which have all of the specified tags assigned:

GET /api/dcim/devices/?tag=monitored&tag=deprecated